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Air sterilizers (dry heat sterilizers)

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A dry heat sterilizer (also known as a hot air sterilizer) is sterilization equipment designed for disinfecting working instruments before medical procedures. Sterilization in a dry heat sterilizer occurs through the circulation of heated air, which destroys any bacteria and microorganisms. Among the main advantages of a dry heat sterilizer for manicure instruments are its affordability and effectiveness. The only drawback is that items vulnerable to high temperatures cannot be placed inside the chamber. For example, if an instrument has rubber parts, they may melt under the influence of the heated air.

Where are dryers used?

Dryers are in demand in various fields. They can be used at home for personal manicures, in the food industry, in medical facilities, and so on. But they are most commonly used in cosmetology centers offering manicure, pedicure, permanent makeup, and tattoo services.

The principle of operation of the devices

The principle of operation of the devices

The principle of operation of dry heat sterilizers involves treating instruments with a stream of hot air. Sterilization of instruments in a dry heat sterilizer occurs as follows:

  • You place the instruments inside a sealed chamber;
  • The system heats the air and delivers it into the chamber;
  • The air circulates throughout the chamber and destroys any microorganisms present on the working surfaces.

Because the treatment occurs with dry air, the metal parts of the instruments are not susceptible to corrosion. However, rubber items, textiles, and some polymers cannot be placed inside the chamber.

Another significant reason to buy a dry heat sterilizer in Ukraine may be its affordable price. Compared to autoclaves, such equipment is much more cost-effective. The device is designed as a cabinet with built-in trays and grids. To operate the device, it needs to be connected to a standard power outlet.

Where to buy dry heat sterilizers

In our online store, you will find a wide range of dry heat sterilizers for manicure salons and medical facilities. When placing an order with Dezik, you can expect several benefits:

- A wide assortment of products for sterilizing instruments;
- Quality certificates for each item;
- Official manufacturer's warranty;
- Delivery across Ukraine (Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, and other cities);
- Discounts for wholesale customers.

About Dezik Company

Our company specializes in manufacturing sterilization pouches and supplying certified equipment to medical institutions. We work with veterinary clinics, cosmetology offices, research laboratories, dental clinics, and more. We source our products directly from manufacturers, ensuring their quality and offering competitive prices.

Have questions? Feel free to ask our manager over the phone or leave a request on our website, and we will get back to you.